Save time and money by proactively managing risk

Prevent issues and increase the visibility of risk throughout the organisation by using real time dashboards instead of static time consuming spreadsheets

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Understand risk and head off issues

Risk management is crucial to head off costly issues yet is often hidden away in spreadsheets scattered across an organisation. This only ever represents a brief snapshot in time.

Use Rollup Risk to actively manage risk in real time and share this information with stakeholders. By taking a proactive approach, you can save time, money and reputation.

Risk overview

Understand impact across your organisation

Simple to use analysis tools let you understand the potential and actual impact of risk within projects and across your entire organisation and dive into the detail.

Organisational overviews

Focus on you

A home page focused on the risks, issues, and actions that you own helps you keep on top of the items you need to be tracking and driving forwards.

And a simple to use organisation wide search lets you find things fast

My dashboard

Get the most from reviews

Ensure risk review sessions are productive, focused and efficient with a built-in workflow that helps ensure people are keeping on top of owned risks and puts the focus on what matters.

And reviews feed into the audit trail of each risk so you always know what was reviewed with and can tell at a glance if things are up to date.

Run risk reviews

Assess capability and triangulate with risk

By understanding how your capabilities align with your risk you can put impactful plans in place that minimise the likelihood of issues.

Assess capability

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